How to get the light and temperature right in your home office

Home office with 2 roof windows

From boosting daylight to controlling the room climate, discover how to make working from home a healthy experience

Working from home was once an occasional perk or special benefit, but the enforced lockdowns of the pandemic changed all that at a stroke. All of a sudden, our homes became our offices, and that trend looks set to stick. That’s because people are reporting higher levels of happiness and productivity when they cut the commute and go to work at home. So much so that, even as shared offices reopen, many of us will still work at least part of the week from home.

Forget perching on your sofa with a computer on your lap, though. If you’re going to spend as much as eight hours a day at your job, you need a healthy home-working environment that supports your physical and emotional well-being. That means great daylight, fresh air and a good indoor climate. Here’s how beautiful and practical rooflight options from VELUX® can help you achieve all three.

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Go large

Abundant natural light turns a ho-hum home office into an inviting, inspiring place to work. It can aid our concentration and also help sync our circadian rhythm, so we get a good night’s sleep at the end of the working day. So, if working from home is your new normal, look out for ways to boost the amount of daylight in your office.

Installing a fixed, sloping window element below an existing roof light pulls in lots of additional daylight while also extending the view. Since it can’t be opened, it’s safe and therefore suitable for lower positions.

You can then further boost light levels by using pale colours on surrounding surfaces. White walls will reflect the available light back and create a sense of airiness and space that’s conducive to work.

Control glare

While good levels of daylight contribute to a healthier and more enjoyable working-from-home experience, too much light falling in the wrong places can be a problem. Direct sunlight on a computer is a disaster, making it impossible to read the screen, while a strong glow of daylight behind the screen may make you squint.

The trick is to fit well-designed window treatments that can reduce glare without blocking out that all important daylight. In a roof light, integrated blinds and shutters that can be adjusted according to the intensity of the light are ideal, and sit neatly within the window fitting. Translucent blinds are another brilliant option, softening the incoming light and providing privacy, without creating a gloomy environment.

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Give yourself a screen break

Stepping away from your screen and connecting with the outside world is essential for keeping you energised and well. It’s a great idea to breathe in some fresh air every 20 minutes or so, and if you can gaze out at a tree or the clouds floating past overhead, even better. This will give your eyes a chance to focus on a range of distances, something that doesn’t happen while staring at a screen which is stuck in a fixed position.

When the weather allows, keep a window open to let fresh air circulate around your office space. Windows that open easily and quietly make this inside-outside blending effortless, and if you’re working against a sloping roof, windows that are top hung provide panoramic views, too.

For a truly alfresco screen break, innovative roof light designs that convert from roof window to balcony in seconds, give you somewhere to stand, breathe and stretch, away from your desk, but without having to leave your office.

Home office with roof window blinds

Stay cool and warm

It’s essential to get the temperature right in your home office. Feeling uncomfortably hot or chilly will do more than dent your concentration, it can make it really hard to work at all.

To prevent your office from becoming too toasty, consider anti-heat shutters and blinds that reduce passive heating and help maintain a cool, comfortable temperature. Made from transparent fabric, they won’t obscure your view or block light. When it comes to staying warm, specialist energy blinds can help here, too, providing insulation as well as privacy.

For even greater ease, it’s possible to install an indoor climate control, which will automatically operate blinds, awnings and shutters to shield your home office from excessive heat and open your roof windows to let in a breeze.

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