How to transform your home without a full renovation

Roof window in kitchen with dining table

Want to update your home without the cost and disruption of a large renovation? Look to your windows for the solution

Daylight can have a transformative effect on our homes – the lighter a space, the bigger it looks and the fresher and healthier it feels. So, if you don’t want to splash out on a full extension or renovation, consider these options from roof window specialist, VELUX® to turn a dark, cramped property into a light, spacious home.

Bedroom with rooflight window

How do I make my room feel more spacious?

Additional or replacement windows installed into existing walls and roofs can create the feeling of space and the illusion of much larger rooms. They make for brighter, happier, healthier environments with improved ventilation and a feeling of connectedness to the outdoors.

Consider replacing a smaller single roof window with a bigger version, such as a double or 3-in-1 window that is twice as wide as it is high. Multi-sash units like these can triple light levels and provide lots of natural ventilation, instantly making a cramped room feel bright and spacious.

Living room with people and windows opening towards balcony

How do I provide an indoor-outdoor connection?

Patio doors on the ground floor are ideal for accessing the garden, but how do you add even more of the outdoors to the upper floors of your home?

If your room has a sloped roof, look for solutions that combine a top-hung rooflight and a floor-level glazed door that both open outwards. By adding one of these roof terraces or balconies to your loft space, you’ll provide expansive floor-to-ceiling views and an easily accessible connection to the outside.

How do I lighten a dingy room?

For a room to feel comfortable, the amount of glazing in it should be equivalent to no less than 20% of the total floor area. You can use the VELUX daylight calculator to find out if you have sufficient light beaming into your room.

To increase your light levels, consider adding vertical or sloping glazing elements directly above or below existing windows. A vertical wall window topped by a roof window will not only boost light levels it will provide expansive views whether you are sitting or standing.

Dark hallway

What if my room has no windows?

You don’t need to knock down interior walls to harness light for a windowless area, instead consider installing a sun tunnel.

These ingenious designs offer an inexpensive way of bringing a shaft of light into the darkest areas of the home, including corridors and staircases. They’re also a brilliant solution for internal bathrooms as they cut the need to use electric lights during the day, supplying a diffused light that filters out to brighten a whole space.

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